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A member of my family stumbled across a program that is useful for anyone who enjoys art or creating things. Blender is a superb program that allows the user to create drawings and animations to a professional quality. The creation of "Ginger Tom" below has been created by a member of my family. This is the first thing he has done after reading through the tutorial. The fluffy cat was created from an oblong shape for the body, a squashed round shape for the head, four oblong shapes for the legs and a snake like curve oblong for the tail. After adding a fur texture the result is the shape above.
The eyes have to then be created. In this case a basic round blue eye was made then a variation of this as the colour was changed and the pupil lengthened to resemble a cat's eye. A nose and mouth shape also has to be made and added to the basic cat form.
Then a variety of colours may be introduced to make the finished creature more interesting.
(See below.)
Ginger Tom

The above ginger tom cat was made using Blender which was obtained from http://www.blender.org/. It enables you to be able to do professional quality cartoons and 3D modelling such as film quality CGI ....

To show a further illustration of how to use the blender program there is a tutorial on YouTube - it begins with showing how to create a dragon from a sketch:

Step 1

Step 2

To follow further steps on YouTube


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