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In the Dock

Man has walked the Earth for several million years and during that time he has learnt about both the animals and plant life on the planet. What items are good to eat, what things can make him feel better or cure him. It has only been a hundred years or so since man has turned to the type of medicines that we use today and rapidly all of our knowledge regarding natural cures is dissolving in the mists of time.

Very little is being saved, written down and passed on which is a great pity - for with the additional knowledge we have accumulated using science and technology that could be utilised with our ancient wisdom - we have unwittingly lost a great wealth of what could have been our medicine chest. Much of the old knowledge has just been tossed aside like a spoilt child will toss away last years’ toys no matter what their value may be.

Occasionally, I recall items that were used for various ailments. I often look online only to find no record or further information and I think to myself - ‘what quantity of knowledge are we losing forever?’

    • one old cure used for both warts and verrucas is the simple ‘dock leaf'.’ Well known for its ability to ease the pain of the stinging nettle little is documented about rubbing it on the troublesome problems of these minor skin growths that have irritated so many for so long. If you have tried everything else and still have your warts and verrucas then why not go native and rub on a simple dock leaf!


Dock leaf

Dock leaf (courtesy of Google Images)

Use the same way as for a nettle sting … simply scrunch the dock leaf up to activate its natural juices - and rub upon the wart or verruca.


Ann said...

That's very interesting. It's amazing how many plants can be used to cure common ailments and sad that so much of that information is being lost

Grampy said...

I think someone should start a blog of home remedies.Are you interested?

Greg said...

It is a shame, many if the natural cures are better for us. Many of these pharmaceuticals are the natural cures reverse engineered in the laboratory, and we wonder why we're unhealthy?


I had no idea about this and love natural home remedies. It is sad that so much of the natural and nature seems to be on the losing end.