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The hair of the dog

When I was young, my father decided that it would be a good idea to get a dog. He discussed it with my grandfather who advised, as was the common practise in those days, that it would be best to get a female (bitch puppy). This was essential along with other things to be taken into account.

My grandfather, who had had several dogs during his lifetime, gave the following advice: there are certain rules when considering the addition of a dog into a family …

    • if a home has children then a bitch tends to be more patient and less aggressive with family members
    • on no account would it be sensible to get any of the bull terrier varieties of dog (they are bred to lock their jaws onto their quarry and once they have done this then they cannot open their mouths – so their bite would be deep and dangerous) ideal for capturing prey but not a quality needed for a house pet
    • cross-breeds are less reliable where temperament are concerned – they may be agreeable on one day and snappy the next although one may make an excellent pet they are more suited to adults as they tend to get over excitable with young children
    • it is best to see where the puppy lives and meet the parents to get an idea of their temperament and health
    • a medium-sized dog is usually easier to train and often more reliable than either smaller or larger varieties in a family home

So …………………………………………………… my father made some enquires and was advised of a farm on the English/Welsh border where a farm dog and bitch had had a litter of puppies. The parents were healthy, well behaved and sweet tempered and so it didn’t take him long to choose a pretty little bitch puppy to take home.

My long haired black and white border collie - at the seaside Long haired Welsh border collie (she was a very sweet tempered and loving dog – well behaved and very beautiful)


Ann said...

My brother had a collie when we were very young. She didn't last long at our house as my mother didn't seem to care for having a dog around. She did however live out the rest of her life on my uncles farm. She was a very nice dog.

Grampy said...

Oh Yes! The Border Collie is know to be a wonderful pet. Good around children and friendly to all family members. Good Choice.

Jean said...

I have always heard that Border Collies were great with children.

Funny...my Dad thought mixed breeds were best. :)


they are just adorable - no co-incidence that they are the subject of so many films and books

EastCoastLife said...

Great advice from your grandfather.

I bought a male Shihtzu puppy for my young son then. It was such an adorable dog.