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Daffodil or Lent lily

It will soon be the equinox, the time of equal day and night, and to celebrate the daffodils are all coming into bloom. The wonderful deep scented, soulful, smell that is often the magic extra ingredient to expensive perfumes, wafts its way in bursts of heady, breezy, draughts. The daffodil family are within the genus of Narcissus. The term refers to the whole of the daffodil family. The standard yellow daffodil is often referred to as jonquil, which means yellow coloured or the colour of yellow.

There are forty days, not including Sundays that precede the time before Easter which make up the period of Lent. This is the period when the daffodil looks at its best.

Daffodils are the flowers of friendship and are given as friendship posies. Cut flowers are best purchased whilst in bud, they have an average vase life of ten days. Place one tear drop of house-hold bleach into the bottom of a medium size vase and fill with fresh water – this prevents the water from discolouration and keeps it fresh and clear.  Daffodils are usually placed in clear glass vases as they have regimented and standard width stems.


The Daffodil or Lent lily - narcissus genus_edited-1

Daffodil fondly called Lent lily

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Ann said...

I can't wait to see the daffodils popping up from the ground. I didn't know that it was also called the Lent lily, interesting.