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Jersey, the ‘Tardis’ of the Channel Islands

We spent some time in Jersey this Summer. It is the one place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It is a tiny island of some nine miles long by five miles wide and homes more than 90,000 people. It is full of country lanes and fields and so you would never guess that there are so many inhabitants. It is a true lesson on how to make the most out of space and retain wonderful raw natural beauty, eye-catching scenes, peaceful fields of cattle chewing the cud, a marvellous nature reserve, beaches and coastlines that are either free of tourism or so little that you could almost be on your own private beach. So many things to see and do that it there can only be one word to describe it all and that is ‘paradise.’

Jersey, Channel Islands -- simple map

The map

Jersey's rocky coast

The coast

Misty view

The hill top views

Country Quips:

    • You should rest your bones when you’re coughing or you could well end up in your coffin.


Ann said...

sounds like a wonderful place. I love the hilltop view

EastCoastLife said...

It looks untouched by tourists. I would love to visit a paradise. Glad to hear that you went for a trip, it is a change from daily routine.

Thanks for your concern about my biopsy and the info on the British Autumn crocus. I hope they are right and that it can help cancer patients.

Russ said...

It sure does look like a wonderful place. I would love to see some of the houses. An island would be a perfect place to live. You can always get to the beach.

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love the post.. and pics.. awesome...

Jean Arthur said...

I loved the pics posted by you of course the post itself very nice, I think you have experience in a grand way, I am going to there soon and making of a list of doctors in jersey on main beach as I am an asthma patient, I may need medical help.