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Sober October

It is important to be optimistic especially in the month of October. This month takes more than it gives; hates more than it loves; curses more than it nurses: it is a month that is often feared. Whether it’s the damp, the dark nights, the wet, the wind or something that is indefinable the chances are if you catch a cold or a cough in October it will last nearly up until Christmas!



Dr Sonia S V said...

What an interesting thought!

Russ said...

Yes indeed. It is a very dangerous month. With all the colds and things, the ghost and goblins. And a good time for the UFO's to poke around.
It can be warm. It can be cold. And it can be scary.LOL

Ann said...

oh my, that last part got me since I caught a cold last week and it's hanging on for dear life.

Lady Banana said...

The dark night are bad enough but it's the dark mornings I hate the most. My body finds it very difficult to get up for work in the dark, it's against nature I think!

unikorna said...

I find fall very depressing, not to mention the cold weather..
I am happy you are optimistic..I wish I could be as well..

EastCoastLife said...

Keep warm and stay healthy for the Christmas holidays!

Joyce Lansky said...

I hate October. I've suffered too many losses this month and I'm always a little anxious when this time of year roles around; however, early October is when the bad stuff happened so now it's getting better.