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Wicked weapons

A few weeks ago my cat was attacked. I didn’t see it. The first I knew that something was wrong is when her little face swelled up like a balloon. I held her close and carefully ran my fingers softly through her cheek, for it was a one-sided balloon. I could find nothing. At first I thought that she must have inadvertently caught her cheek with her back paw whilst having a little scratch. The swelling didn’t appear to hurt her. So I waited fully expecting her cheek to return back to normal. The swelling remained and so off we went to the Vet’s surgery. The poor little puss had developed an abscess through a fine scratch that had ripped through the cheek. The abscess was both inside the mouth as well as outside on the cheek.

How wonderful are antibiotics? How marvellous are analgesics? What a difference they make when you are ill …. whether you are a human being or an animal these two things often transform the outcome of infection and illness. How grateful am I that they were both available to my little furry friend!


Resaca Rose said...

Poor kitty. One time we had a bird dog that Moma took to the vet because it had a swollen face. It turned out to be an abscessed tooth. While we were in the waiting room the old dog paced back and forth and finally raised it's leg and pissed on Moma's leg. I liked to have died of embarrassment. I was a silly teenager.

Ann said...

Aw poor kitty. It's so hard to see our furry little ones sick. Glad you got the antibiotics to bring her back to health.
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas

Jennie said...

Glad the little thing is better!

Lady Banana said...

Poor little kitty, how nasty that must have been.

When I was a child the kitty we had then developed a huge abscess on her face (from a fight) which the vet had to lance, I never forget watching and was horrified as pus shot out across the room.

She had some antibiotic injections and was right as rain in just a few days.