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Random Ramblings: Personal observations on a wide variety of subjects. Photographs of creatures and things that are taken on seeing the unusual as well as everyday things.

Footsteps in the snow

The snow has lasted and lasted, confusing every creature – especially our cat ..

She has rushed outside into the garden, a world of white, cold, softness that no longer resembled her familiar territory. Then she has quickly returned, bounding at thrice the pace, back into the warm house and curling tightly up into a ball to warm herself up again. After this, she has simply eaten and eaten and eaten .. would she ever be satisfied? The cold seemingly makes every creature and every person require more and more food to stave off the bitter cold!

Bird trail - 2013

Bird roundabout in the snow 2013

Bird foot print in the first snow of 2013

Cat prints - 2013

Cat prints - snow 2013

The cat .


Nicol Marquis said...

Lol, my back garden is covered in fox foot prints x x


Lainy said...

It's an image of pure white snow, Polly! I haven't seen nor touched a snow in my entire life! I don't think I will ever survive though :-(

How have you been my friend? It's great to hear from you again from one of my blogs. Sorry for the delayed visit. I have been a little busy these days.

Thank you for sharing the oil. I have tried it before but I haven't been consistent. Has it got some good effects on you?

Please let me know and keep in touch.

Love and hugs,

Aang Bizril said...

Hello blogger friend..
Nice visit here again after long time absent :)
Many time i haveno blogging, I saw this blog growing and growing up.

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