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Wood preserver

It is strange how knowledge occasionally comes into our possession. Recently, whilst reading an article about the health hazards of unprotected wood, I wrote an email to try and find out which would be the preferred wood preserver for a new hobby that I was thinking of taking up. I was politely informed that the best one I could use is called Danish Oil and unlike most other wood preservers this one is easy to apply either with a brush, painter pad or even rags. It goes on quickly, smoothly, economically and easily and the surface dries to a tough, hard weatherproof finish almost with a shellac appearance. Why is this preserver kept a secret? I know from personal appearance after using standard preservers, the sun completely ravages them added to this, wasps will scrape lines from the surface to build their paper nests. This means that it becomes almost a perpetual job at applying fresh coats of the stuff on anything and everything ..

The only warning that I will give when using Danish Oil as with Teak Oil is that brushes, pads and rags need to be soaked/washed through. This is because they will spontaneously burst into flames and so are a hazard if left in a house, garage, shed or even outside on the floor. They need to be either washed or covered in an air-tight container – even take care when throwing them away with the rubbish because they do not need a match or open flame they can and will ignite very efficiently without any other aids!

Danish Oil Wood

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