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The sweetest most gentle of honey bees in the world

It is my belief that the most sweetest and gentle of all of the honey bees in the entire world is the Buckfast. It is a busy little bee that is quite robust. It produces just a few drones and the remainder of the hive is made up of the Queen, Workers and Nurses. To make sure that the Buckfast remain sweet and gentle you must follow simple rules. These are perfectly sensible:

    • Never wear perfume or strong smelling items of fragrance when going near to the hive
    • Never make sudden movements – move slowly and never flick bees away from you
    • Never blow onto the bees – they do not like human breath
    • Never make loud noises
    • Never show fear of the bees – it is claimed that they sense fear and it makes them fearful too
    • And …… never wear dark colours around bees – they will fly towards people dressed in dark colours and treat them as a threat

These are the simple rules that allow you to see the bees as they naturally are – simply beautiful and the sweetest most gentle of honey bees in the world!

The Buckfast Bee A worker Buckfast honey bee


Bees at entrance with pollen

The entrance of a bee hive where the Buckfast honey bees are coming and going – some have pollen. They are very patient with each other, quiet and orderly with a lovely quiet, gentle hum.

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