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2013 long hot Summer

I was beginning to think that we (may be due to climate change) would never see a wonderful long, hot Summer ever again. It is more than seven full years since we have had the type of Summer whereby we could simply laze in the garden and feel the warm, if not, hot breeze kiss our skin. To suck in warm, sweet smelling air and listen to a million insects busy themselves sucking in the nectar as they flit from flower to flower.

Although, with September the air has cooled there still remains an expectation of a warm and long Indian Summer to stoke up the vitamin D in readiness for the Winter.

One thing that I have come to realise is that this year there is an abundance of extra large acorns on the oak trees. I’m not sure whether this signifies anything at all …

Acorn 1

Extra bit of useful knowledge is that acorns are edible; they store well for two or more years; they may be roasted to make oak or acorn coffee; when planted they produce an extraordinary long, thick and strong tap root; they will kill off parts of themselves, whole thick branches if required, in times of drought; they maintain a whole eco system for a large variety of living things; they live to be 1000 or more years old; they are a hard wood tree; they are truly exceptional!

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Claude said...

well, here in Texas, we have more heat than we could possibly use. I wish it was possible to wrap up a little and send it to you in a box. I'd even put a pretty bow on it for you... so glad you're enjoying your weather though. I'm a frequent reader, but I don't often comment, and I do enjoy your blog.