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Pet garden statue

Years ago the only statues available for the average family garden were gnomes. The name given to the little pixies that are said to protect the area of land where you plant and toil with love and joy, your garden, is gnome. GNOME means ‘guarding naturally over Mother Earth.’ Although no garden is really safe without their own special gnome it is also nice to have a few other garden statues to add your own special character to the little plot of soil where you spend so much time making it look so beautiful.

I have a couple of gnomes – nothing special but they watch over my work. Suddenly I felt it would be lovely to introduce a new statue. As yet that very special statue has not been found but whilst I’ve been looking I found what is often called a garden pet statue and I thought it looked so realistic that it would be a lovely small addition to the flower border. So here is a picture of it the ‘pet garden tortoise statue.’

Pet tortoise garden statue Pet statue tortoise

Tortoise statue  Tortoise and bees

Garden statue of a tortoise

Why we should all have a statue of a garden gnome – because of its wonderful meaning: it is a guardian of the garden as the word GNOME means ‘guarding naturally over Mother Earth.’


petronela said...

are you sure it's a statue>? It looks sooo real :)....

Polly Dot said...

Yes, Petronela it is a statue but for the same reason as you say - it looks real was the reason that I thought it would be fun to have in the garden. That is as long as the local heron doesn't think it's an easy meal. Lol!!

Andy said...

At first glance I thought it was the original guard your garden, but after I saw turned out to position his legs still turns the statue

Mike Golch said...

cool,sorry that I have not been commenting lately,been too addicted to facebook I guess.