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Adam and Eve

As a little girl, I remember being told about the story of Adam and Eve. When I was old enough to read, my mother bought me a bible. It was the authorised King James Version in Ruby Text. It contained a few pictures but was mostly thousands of words in tiny print. A very long read with all the begetting … It was not a satisfying read as there were so many instances that didn’t make sense to me. Two people suddenly became thousands within a few lines of print.

As a woman, I felt deceived by the fact that the stories in the book that I had cherished as a little girl were incomplete. It is believed by some that parts of the Bible had been laced together from original texts provided by The Dead Sea Scrolls. Allegedly, it has been claimed that Genesis was pruned. There is no mention of Adam’s first wife, Eve being his second wife. I wonder if, at some point the original script will be returned? Perhaps not, for it was removed so long ago that many perhaps prefer the version that they know.

Wild fig

Wild fig - close-up of fruit

Wild fig - ficus carica

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Michelle said...

Very interesting to think about the origins of the bible. I love the fig tree photo and why you chose it ;)