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Energy Saving Light Bulbs

The first time that I tried energy saving light bulbs - I was extremely disappointed with the result. Firstly, the poor light quality reminded me of a quote my mother used to make when entering a poorly lit room. She would always say "it reminds me of the workhouse." Not as she had ever experienced the workhouse but it was the unpleasant ambiance that a poorly lit room always seems to have. Secondly, the long length poked awkwardly from out of the lamp shades. Overall the result was dreadful. Recently, however, whilst on a shopping trip to B & Q - I found some that were shaped like squat twists that also had bayonet fastenings. We have a multi light and so I purchased quite a few of these bulbs. After placing them into the glass shades - I was pleased that they were not too long - but I almost held my breath as I pressed down the light switch. The result surprised me as the effect was much brighter than the traditional variety. I just hope that B & Q have more when I go back!

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