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Splish Splosh

There has been much talk today regarding extensive wild life losses. Rodents, such as rabbits will have perished in their burrows. Many badgers will have drown in their flooded sets and although foxes are fairly resilient many will be lost through exhaustion either trying to find safe, dry land or unexpectedly in their dens. Little attention, it seems, has been paid to the insects. It has been noticeable that there are considerably fewer flying insects about. Many of the annual border plants are dying down without producing their yearly yields of seeds. The ants have only once swarmed this month which in itself is unusual and even then very few had sustained flight with most struggling along the sodden ground, even though many still had retained their wings. There have been fewer lacewings and shield bugs lightly clambering their way over the lush green stems and leaves. Sadly, the ladybirds appear to be drowning in the rain as their wings are becoming so wet that their usually bold, bright red coats bedecked with dark, shiny black spots are appearing to take on a dull and darker hue. Butterflies have been virtually none existent for several weeks. Their have been a few mosquitoes noisily whirring their way through open doors and windows. Yesterday, I observed two or three wasps pushing their way past the bumblebees into a few of the lavender flowers. There has not been a sighting of a crane fly for more than a week and this year I've yet to see a dragon fly! post extra: day 10 after St Swithin's - the day has been overcast with heavy showers in the morning and occasional showers in the afternoon. Note: the bees have positioned themselves deep into the bamboo canes this evening - could this be a warning that the weather will be worse tomorrow?

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