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Is it fair to say that it's an English thing to appreciate a game played well rather than a game won at all costs? May be. I can't help feeling a sense of disbelief when I watched the latest game played by England. It wouldn't be fair to criticize either the manager or the players without mentioning the fact that they were playing on a pitch that was almost reminiscent of a bog! What chance would there be to show off even the most aspired footwork on a pitch that was an utter disgrace to the sport of sports to red-blooded keen paying supporters? The fact that the ground itself is named Wembley makes the whole farcical affair even worse. The game should never have been played there. Should any future major game be played there? As a nation that enjoys sportsmanship more than most we should at least have given our own sportsmen 'the England football team' a fair and fighting chance of beating the opponents - a pitch that bad is taking fair play too far!

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