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Random Ramblings: Personal observations on a wide variety of subjects. Photographs of creatures and things that are taken on seeing the unusual as well as everyday things.

Yes Ma'am - I met the Queen

She was much larger than expected. It was two days ago and a cold, damp, dark and dismal evening - the cat charged through the kitchen leaving the back door wide open. All at once, neatly attired in yellow and black livery, the queen in all her glory came passed my face, missing me by a whisker. She headed straight for the small twisted bright light bulb and forced her way through the woven metallic shade. Backwards and forwards she moved not showing any signs of wanting to go out the way that she came. I rolled up a sheet of newspaper and gently tried to persuade her to leave the light and step onto the sheet. I turned off its brightness but still she persisted and hung on tightly with her light, neat, feet. She was unbelievably silent as three members of the family tried their utmost to show her to the door. Eventually she climbed onto the rolled up paper and was quickly evacuated outside only to buzz away at speed like a wraith.
The Queen of wasps should really have been hibernating until the warmth of the Spring wakes her up like Sleeping Beauty after her long Winter nap.

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