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American dreams turned sour

Beckham has been left out of England's latest side which effectively means that he will not be gaining his 100th cap any time soon. When Beckham decided to go to the USA to play football, many in England wondered why. Some however thought, why not.

Well those who sat on the sidelines are now finding out why some were vehemently against the idea. He apparently is short of practise and not match fit to play on the England side to gain his 100th cap. He needs access to games on a regular basis to have any chance of winning his way back into the team.

There are those who believe "for old times sake" that he should just be allowed to play so that he can gain the precious 100th cap but surely this cannot be right. Each place on a team really needs to be earned and each game needs to be played to the best of a teams ability so that at least we all know that they have tried their utmost to win. If, with the very best and fittest team members they then go on to play their very best and lose at least we as onlookers do not feel cheated!

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