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Scratching Post

Our cat was around six months old before she began to stretch out her claws and pull them against wood to sharpen them. At first it was a small scrape against the fence then against one of the apple trees and finally it began in the house. I heard a a rustle and a scrape and a soft prickling sound, went to investigate and there she was scraping her small little razors up and down the linen basket. That was when we invested in the scratching post.


Kathryn said...

I miss my cat!!!!

Kloggers said...

She misses you too!

MissLuBe said...

So You got a cat obssesion too! great! your cat is Be-A-Utiful! kisses!

golfnutn8 said...

My wife and I just love your black and white cat. We have a tuxedo cat of our own here in Hawaii...his name is Jabbey. Check out this post on our blog to see him after a bath...and yes, he loves the water.


Nina Victor said...

I love cats,
and you have a pretty cat! :)
Come to visit mine:


Cheers! :)