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Diminishing ducks

There have been significant drops in the numbers of many creatures. Whether this is due to the long Winter period we experienced between the end of last year up until the Spring of this - it is difficult to say. Last year the lake was full of bubbly, active, loud quacking ducks of various species with particularly high numbers of Mallard. This year is quite different. The numbers of all of the water birds appear to be down. There are very few swans, smaller numbers of Canada geese and some species have so far not been spotted at all.

It was lovely however to glimpse a small family of ducklings … they were practising their swimming between a few Canada geese. These softly quacking water birds were the young of the Mallard and they appeared to be healthy.

Mallard ducklings swimming with Canada geeseMallard ducklings swimming near to Canada geese 

Ducklings - the young of the Mallard - swimming around Canada geese Mallard ducklings – swimming in front of Canada geese

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Ann said...

I've heard a few people saying that they haven't seen as many of the birds as they usually do.