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Quickly creeping up and down the honeysuckle’s long and winding stems I spotted what appeared to be a Harlequin Ladybird. These are ladybirds that have flown in from Asia. Originally in the early 2000’s they made their homes in the furthest south of the country but this one is now in Worcestershire so they are obviously moving north. Allegedly, they like to find their way indoors and emit a foul smelling liquid that is said to stain the furniture. It is also claimed that they put at risk the local British ladybirds … so watch out as they may be creeping somewhere in your garden!

Harlequin ladybird 1

Harlequin ladybird underneath 1Harlequin Ladybird from Asia


Liz said...

Great capture of the Ladybird.

Happy Sunday Polly!

Mommy's Little Corner

* Michael * said...

I have not seen a Ladybird in Singapore for so so long since I am a kid. They must be quite extinct here, you are fortunate.

Ann said...

I would think that a lady would be more polite than to come in leave a foul odor and stain my furniture. Not a very welcome guest. Great pictures of them.

Jen said...

Nice shot! I just love Ladybugs (that'd be the U.S. version, I guess :o) I thought it was only if you squashed them that they messed up the furniture - and I think they can damage paint too. I heard (read?) that somewhere...we always just tote them back outside anyway.

jenskie said...

wow, i love its color :)


msmoneybagz said...

I hate these little buggers, all year long I can find at least one or two, but when it gets warmer out, they hatch and I get hundreds in the house. Worse part is they BITE!