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Hedgewars – Hedgehog wars game

For those who like a challenge, something different, the chance to play online or on your own PC it’s time to test out Hedgewars. With a choice of backgrounds, character accents, hats and weapons it’s a good way to wriggle your way into ‘Worms!’ Hedgewars is an open source game … if you are studying to become a developer or ever hope of producing your own online game, perhaps even having your own games company then you can see how this particular game works. If not – well it’s all good fun for the whole family. Keep it on your PC for those idle moments … such as hanging on the phone whilst you are waiting for a human to respond at a call centre! Lol!!

Hedgwars A free game for your PC – Hedgewars

Here is the link for the Hedgewars hedgehog war game!


Ann said...

This sounds like the kind of thing that I can lose a day while playing :) I've got to check it out

Russ said...

That sounds like fun. My problem is I get addicted to computer games. Maybe I will just give it a fast try.LOL

Mhar's Display said...

You play pc games too?
I used to before. But when I started working, I didn't have the time playing.

By the way, is it okay to exchange links? Thank you very much.


sandy said...

thankfully I've not gotten into games, I find I spend more and more time on the computer as it is....must stay away from those games, though I do hear they're addictive.