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Tree hollyhock or hibiscus

I have a late flowering hibiscus in my garden which has excelled itself these last two years by changing form from its original single flowering blooms, that it has had for over fifteen years, to a magnificent double flowering specimen. Its colour has remained a constant deep pink with red markings at the base. The leaves of the bush are similar to small chrysanthemum leaves being a little frilly and a pretty backdrop to the flowers. These are one of the many flowering plants that are related to the mallow family, Malvaceae.

It appears to be easy to please as it has lasted well under extreme weather conditions from the bitter ice cold of last Winter; the persistent rainfall of earlier Springs and Summers - to the hot and very dry Spring and Summer of this year. It is a beautiful addition to any garden border …

Hibiscus - tree hollyhock Hibiscus fondly known as ‘Tree Hollyhock’ (Hibiscus syriacus)

Hibiscus - tree hollyhock - mallow family

Tree hollyhock - mallow - hibiscus


Ann said...

It's beautiful. Sounds like something that could even survive in my garden. What a wonderful surprise getting the double blooms

Annie said...

I have a few hibiscus plants in my yard but my flowers are the large wide blooms that last only a day like the ones in Hawaii. I have never seen blooms like yours. Do they last longer?