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When I was a girl there was a saying that was both haunting and exciting …

    • ‘Dream on a Saturday, told on a Sunday – come true on a Monday!’

Now this is all very well if the dream is good, desirable and happy but what if it is not? If it is unpleasant, frightening or even horrifying, what then? Then dissecting the saying what if the dream was so very bad that it remained unforgotten, lurking in the very depths of the mind and by chance the dreamer repeated it years later on a Sunday … what then? Of course, if a dream is wonderful then to repeat it any Sunday in the hope of it coming to fruition on any following Monday is a better conclusion.

I hope that your Saturday dreams are good and if they are, well why not give this little saying a try – you never know, your dreams just may come true.



Ann said...

what an interesting thought. The only bad thing about this is that of the dreams that I can remember having, I'm always at work in them :)

Scotty's Princess said...

This is pretty interesting, Polly.

I always forget about my dream everytime I wake up, haha! Pretty bad memory!

Miss you!


Grampy said...

Very interesting. I don't however remember my dreams. Sometimes I will pick up fragments of them. Usually if they are bad dreams. So I am hoping I am safe.

David Funk said...

Good, interesting thought. Many of my dreams are in places I've never been to, so hopefully there's a reason why that is!

Take care Polly!

star said...

Sometimes dreams remind us what happen next. When I woke-up every morning, I recalled my dream and meditate what is the meaning of it, or how it affect my everyday life. Behind it, I pray a lot, and trust it to God.

it's so nice to be back here gain Polly. Kung Hei Fat Choi!!