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Hush! Once again twelfth night is upon us …

The 5th January is the last party day of Christmas and time to eat up all of the remnants that have been left over from this period. All will need to be consumed from mince pies, iced fruit cake, bowels of any puddings, dates and nuts to boxes of chocolates, toffees and sweets. Whilst the dregs of many bottles of wines and spirits are all drunk up, finished with and rinsed out with soapy water. Then before the midnight hour on the 6th every bauble, spray of tinsel, glittering card, box, bottle and remnant of Christmas time should all be disposed of to encourage a wonderful, lucky and healthy year ahead. Heaven’s knows how you will feel after such a party to the very end of the Christmas celebration – but it is the time honoured custom and just a part of Christmas as every other … and perhaps for those who follow through with this traditional Christmas ending it is a reminder to perhaps not to buy quite so much, as eating and drinking all of the left-overs should never make you feel ill!

'twelfth night'


Grampy said...

Actually I don't follow tradition. I make them last as long as possible.

Ann said...

I've never followed this tradition. Once new years is here it's pretty much all over for me.

EastCoastLife said...

Oh, I didn't know about this tradition. I finished eating all my Christmas leftovers on Boxing Day. Would I have better luck or lesser for the new year? Oops.

Jean said...

I have only read about this custom. Hmm...maybe we should start practicing it. Sounds like a great way to end the holiday season.

Scotty's Princess said...

Hmm. Didn't know about this Polly. Thanks for sharing. I've missed you. I haven't been actively blogging of late. I hope all is well.

Lots of Love,