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After shock

Not through an earthquake, landslide, tsunami or solar flare but the aftershock of the garden after the snow and ice have receded. I am still not absolutely sure of the amount of plants that have been lost due to the double minus figures of hot knife to butter-cutting frosts that permeated the depths of the top soil. I probably will have to wait until Spring is well under way before reaching for the garden fork to pull up the dead stock.

The one plant that has surprised me is one that doesn’t originate from this part of the world. It is already thick and green and calling for the year to unfold before it. It is my bamboo. What a lovely surprise it brings to the garden with its bright green leaves shaped like spears and pointing in all directions with increasing enthusiasm.

I remember years ago after being enthralled with tales from Toby Twirl and the excitement of China, reading about the uses of bamboo from the wrist-wide to the very narrowest of drinking-straw stems. At the time, I had no idea that there were so many different varieties. Then on a trip to Devon, near to some water it stood growing wild, thick and tall and I was drew to it.

Many years later I purchased a small pot of bamboo. Naively, I assumed that as the plant matured the stems would increase in width size but of course, they do not. My plant is now well established and produces the finest of bamboo canes. I am still left wondering about the shoots … and need to read up to find whether all bamboo is edible …


Bamboo - February 2011


Bamboo - February 2011 pic2



Ann said...

I like the looks of that plant. I always assumed that bamboo only grew in warm climates I don't know why. So is this a plant that can thrive in any climate then? I would love to have that growing in my garden

Sandra Rose Hughes said...

How interesting that the non-native plant is doing so well. I have heard that Bamboo is supposed to be one of the most sustainable plants to harvest because it grows so easily- perhaps its hardiness is one reason why. You have inspired me to look into planting bamboo!

Scotty's Princess said...

Looks lovely, Polly. Thanks for sharing it.

Have a blessed weekend!

Love and Hugs,

Jean Kitchen said...

My neighbor is paying to have the bamboo removed from his property. It is a weed to him.

EastCoastLife said...

I have a love for bamboo plants. Some can really grow to great heights!

As for the shoots, only certain bamboo shoots are edible and they are so yummy.

Grampy said...

I also would love some bamboo. Pretty cold over here. A lot of snow. It would be buried right now.

Jean said...

I wanted to try growing Bamboo until I found out it is invasive here in the SE.
Sadly, I loss my Rosemary shrub to cold temps. It was about 5 feet tall. Boo hoo!