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I have noticed over recent years that bed linen appears to be shrinking … because no matter how many times I measure beds their size remains constant.

I often wonder whether it has something to do with European measuring. For instance windows are now all purchased/measured/installed/replaced in metric whereas curtains, whose sizes appear to have remained constant since the 1930’s or thereabouts, not only remain in inches but also in the sizes of yesteryear. Although windows have changed in width and depth over the years, curtains can only be purchased in their original drops of 36 inches/48 inches/54 inches/72 inches/90 inches …

curtain drops


Ann said...

I had to buy all new sheets when we purchased our new bed. The new mattress was twice as thick as the old one and none of the old sheets would fit around it.
Odd that curtain sizes have never changed

Scotty's Princess said...

I love to purchase curtains and bedsheets but in here, they still have the same sizes.

Hugs from my home to yours!


Anonymous said...

It's those new thick mattresses. Everybody in the US makes sheets for them and my little mattress is lost in the sheets.

Grampy said...

That is interesting. My wife has just bought some new curtains online. I'll have to check with her about the sizes.

EastCoastLife said...

I make my own curtains or get it custom made. My windows are too huge to buy curtains off the shelves.

As for the bedsheets, I have to buy new sizes whenever I change my bed.

I owned a Queen-size bed, changed it to a King-sized bed, then changed to a water bed and now I placed two Queen-sized beds together and need larger sheets.

I don't like to buy two Queen-sized sheets so am looking to having my sheets custom-made. I'm so hard to please. :)