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Lazy daisy

A large proportion of flowers in the world are part of the daisy family. From early childhood, the daisy brings us something that is difficult to define other than perhaps a familiar, friendly reassurance with its bright, gay, smiling countenance. The daisy, in one of its many forms, is essential as part of the garden family. It is, however, one of the most difficult plants to acquire – at least in the regular common ‘dog daisy’ form. Nurseries and Garden Centres are seemingly bereft of the bright yellow eye trimmed with a wheel of sparkling white eyelashes of the common form of garden daisy. This is the ‘old fashioned’ variety that everyone’s Great Great Grandmothers had dancing below their windows that neither frost or draught could ever kill off.

The origin of the name daisy, at least in the English language most likely arose from two early Anglo Saxon words ‘daes eage’ which translates into ‘day’s eye.’ People would notice how the daisy flowers would close up their petals tightly when twilight fell only to open them the following day just as dawn arose.

When a person gives a person either a daisy, a bunch of daisies or a daisy plant it holds special meanings … new beginnings, loyalty, purity, trust and dependability. This is probably the reason why years ago many brides chose daisies for a wedding posy as they instantly showed her intensions of becoming a good wife.

Cottage garden - Dog daisy

Cottage garden – Dog daisy

The Cottage Garden Dog Daisy

The Dog daisy

The Dog daisy … common Cottage garden daisy

My original daisy, which was a dwarf variety died off during the long very cold Winter that we had. After searching and searching I came across the above daisy which I am hoping is a traditional ‘Dog daisy,’ this week. I purchased two out of the remaining four plants which sat on the shop shelves and now I have my fingers well and truly crossed hoping that this is indeed the sturdy, hardy, traditional daisy that withstands everything that Nature can throw at it! Only time will tell but optimistically I am calling it ‘Dog daisy’ after the daisy that dwelt in my mother’s garden for well over forty years and for all I know is residing there still.


Ann said...

I just love daisies. I don't even care if it's the wild ones growing in a field. Hope yours are the kind you are hoping

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

I love those bird sounds! Makes me happy!

Russ said...

Ann is right. There is nothing like a field of wild daisies. I wish you all the luck with yours.

Dorothy L said...

So very pretty. Added some sunshine to a very rainy day here on my end of the globe~

Thank You for the sunshine :)

eden said...

bravo jolie blog
j'espere te voir aussi chez moi

Colleen from Tix-Comix said...

I love the wild daisies growing willy nilly in my front lawn. They just pop back even after I repeatedly behead them with the mower. They inspire me. I could ditch the grass and just have a mixed lawn of pennyroyal, clover and mini=daisies.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Love daisies- all kinds. I have one shasta daisy, and a lot of the wild field ones.

trashmaster46 said...

wow, so much I didn't know about daisies :)