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Pigeon pie

There is something of the majestic about the Wood Pigeon. Its feathers are always smoothed down, well groomed with an elegant soft sheen to them. It holds its head high with discrete awareness and has the look of a ‘dowager duchess about to perch a pair of spectacles at the end of its beak’ about it. The eye is sharp, a bright gold, slightly green tinged ring around a jet black centre. It is the largest of the pigeon family and measures some 40 Centimetres in length. It’s song, which is a roo-ku-koo … roo-roo-ku-koo, whether distant or near is very haunting but at the same time reassuring like a persistent nursery rhyme that is lulling, especially on a hot Summer’s day.

Wood Pigeon - Columba palumbus

Wood Pigeon – Columba palumbus

Wood Pigeon - food options


Colleen from Tix-Comix said...

OMG I thought you were going to give a recipe. And no way would I eat those nasty city pigeons, they are like flying rats, I've seen what they get in to.

Ann said...

It's really quite beautiful isn't it.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I've never had pigeon pie. Seems like a good use for the excess birds, but I agree, they are pretty if you can get past the swarms of them.

Interesting Pictures said...

nice shot