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Wonder why they say that perennials are best planted in October? I have been trying to fill up some of the bare patches that developed in the garden borders due to last years extended cold and snow bound Winter. So many plants withered and died. I don’t think that we have ever lost so many at once before. So there has been a need to purchase more and hopefully find some that will weather a little better than before. This not only means they need to be able to withstand the cold but also the ever changing weather patterns – whether we are experiencing lack of rainfall, blustery winds, torrential downpours or any other unusual combination of weather conditions.

It has been very dry this year in England and trying to plant out deep rooted perennials has proved to be very difficult. Some of the roots have required not only depth but half an arms length in several directions. The easiest of the gap fillers has been some of the more common of the Spring bulbs.

I am hoping for a wonderful garden of Eden next year … I hope that these new plants all take and do not disappoint!

One plant that I have always wanted to introduce into the garden is the perennial or everlasting sweet pea. As it is known for its length of flowering time and the quantity of flowers produced it was a popular flower during Victorian times. I have bought five small plants which have been placed by two of the apple trees to hopefully eventually form a pretty backdrop to the far border … all they have to do is Winter well this first year and then they should be sturdy enough to bring years of beautiful colour … I do hope that they survive.

Everlasting Sweet Pea

Perennial Everlasting Sweet Peas

Perennial or Everlasting Sweet Peas


Ann said...

I never understood the planting in October thing myself but I've never been much of a gardener either :) I remember having sweet peas in our garden when I was a child and I always loved them

Russ said...

Now I am even dumber than Ann about flowers. I thought you planted every thing in the Spring.

Sharkbytes said...

Good luck with the sweet peas- they don't transplant well at all. They will come up wherever you don't want them, but just try to put them where you want!

Lainy said...

You must have green thumb, Polly. I don't have a garden in my apartment, there's not much space. I am happy and contented seeing you planting lovely blooms in your garden :-)

Love and hugs!

Gillette said...

My mom loves to plant flowers and beautiful plants as well as little vegetables. Planting is a fun family bonding for us! Nice sweet peas!!!

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