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Anonymous publishing

When we live in a country that encourages freedom of speech and it is second nature to say what we think, it is difficult to remember that in most places in the world it is hazardous to say the most innocent thing. Everything that is either written or spoken has to be carefully examined, diluted and often kept for another time which will most probably never come.

There is a programme called ‘Click’ that this week, told of an interesting website that allegedly allows anonymous publishing – so that anyone with access to the Internet, from anywhere in the world, can make a webpage and have true freedom of speech.

The website to join for true freedom of speech is http://pen.io/ … find out more here http://about.pen.io/

Why not join and create a little piece of history expressing your thoughts to the world. Smile

See more here and also how to spread the word of your existing webpage by using the social payment system and more about pen.io here.

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Dr Sonia S V said...

You are so right-- fortunately in my country we are allowed to speak our mind!