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Random Ramblings: Personal observations on a wide variety of subjects. Photographs of creatures and things that are taken on seeing the unusual as well as everyday things.

Happy hedgehog

At last the hedgehogs have been able to leave their hibernation as the temperature has reached 5°C at night.

I prepared a miniature banquet for these wonderful prickly creatures of: cat kibble, some of the cat’s dinner, some cheddar cheese crumbs, pork dripping placed in a half coconut shell and various broken nut pieces. However, the first hedgehog on the scene had something other than eating on his mind as he approached his little buffet his shiny little black nose wobbled up and down and as he took in the various smells a most enormous black motion came out of his back passage. Obviously, he was making room for his very first meal of the year!


hedgehog hedgehog

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