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Life from the most smallest to the largest recorded

I often feel uncomfortable with sharing finds from other websites. Some for reasons I cannot understand close themselves down, some change their content on the page that is linked to and some are hacked and end up with disagreeable content.

On this occasion I came across a most wonderful website that displays by means of a slider, all known life and creation from the smallest invisible speck to the largest of the known galaxies. This is an experience that everyone should witness and enjoy.

Here is the link (there is sometimes an advert to begin with) using your mouse click onto the START button then at the bottom of the page you will see a slider run this backwards and forwards several times and be totally mesmerised.


Click here to enjoy the view.


Small universe



To enjoy more from the above website that produced the above ‘slider’ here is their link: http://htwins.net/


Ann said...

sounds interesting. I'll check it out.
As I was reading your post I started hearing noises and couldn't figure out what it was. I finally realized it was coming from your blog....lol

Looey Tremblay said...

Thanks for this amazing blog.