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Herbs make you thin, spices fat

Maybe it is an English trait or maybe it isn’t that eating herbs keeps the body lean whilst indulging in spices makes the fat spread. It could well be the fact that spice added to food can disrupt the stomach and intestines in some people, thus creating the need for more food to dissipate the acid eruption. Dry spices are noted for their belching properties, which in turn may lead to the presence of burning rather like indigestion or heartburn. Dry pepper or ginger powder cause the body most difficulty as the burning from these two powders leads to sleepless nights.

For people suffering with any digestive problem, it is well worth checking exactly what foods they are ingesting and eliminating all forms of spice. They will most likely notice how much happier and healthier they feel from this one simple act.


The herb rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis

‘Parsley all the summer long, as thin as a lath but twice as strong.’ Anon

‘A heady green makes sinews lean.’ Anon


The herb parsley - Petroselinum crispum


The herb sage - Salvia officinalis

‘Cool as a pool, is a leaf of sage.’

Sage is known for cooling down the body, cooling down the blood.


‘Pepper fattens the meanest and leanest frame, but it will not bring a smile to their face!’ Anon


Ann said...

how interesting. I had no idea

WillOaks Studio said...

Oh dear, I love herbs and spices....hmmmm, I'm going to think about this--very interesting!!

Sharkbytes said...

Well, I never heard any of that before!

Maxie Spunky said...

Herbs are natural medicine. Garden have herbs are very precious.