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White earworm

We all occasionally have an attack of ‘The White Earworm.’ This is the name given to one of those tunes that you hear playing on the radio or other device that keeps rolling round and round and round your brain – and for some reason you are unable to switch it off. It is usually an annoying tune or one that you do not even particularly like. It plants itself like a seed in the brain and no matter how hard you try you cannot rid yourself of its continual repetition. You are plagued with an attack of ‘The White Earworm’ and there it will stay, turning around inside your ear until it decides to wriggle away of its own accord … because no matter how strong a character you may be, this is one little addictive syndrome that you cannot discard all by yourself.


White earworm close-up

Mug shot of ‘The White Earworm’s’ face

To mock this nasty little creature, I decided to make an animated gif. I hope that you enjoy my little white earworm … and that perhaps next time you are attacked by one of these little brutes, you will think of him and perhaps laugh the problem away! It is rumoured, however, that if you hum a National Anthem theme for ten whole minutes the problem will just disappear, at least until it strikes again!!

The White Earworm Animated Gif. photo Thewhiteearwormanimatedgif.gif

The White Earworm Animated Gif.


Sharkbytes said...

Oh yes, I get them. Your worm is going to bore a hole in my head!

Anonymous said...

It's very hard to find any contact to you...