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It is the Ides of March today. It was well known years ago that the Ides often brought some kind of change be it either good or bad. Julius Caesar is said to have been warned by a fortune teller or as they used to be called a seer that his life would be in danger on the Ides of March – it is claimed that Caesar laughed it off – but before March 16th Julius Caesar lay dead … murdered.

There is an Ides in every month – October, March,  May and July are all the fifteenth day of the month whilst other months the Ides are the thirteenth day of the month. During these days always look out for changes, closures, events, memorable happenings – it’s surprising how often that they occur during the Ides of the month!

Ides of March Ides of March


Glenna Frazier said...

Wow, very interesting information. I never heard that before. Maybe I had but don't remember any way good read. Thanks.

Ann said...

I've heard the term used often but never really knew what it meant. I'll have to keep my eyes open on the ides of each month from now on

Darren Held said...

I only found out this week that the Ides are in the middle of the month. This term was very mysterious up until now.