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Mr Mann

Here is a lovely poem that it is believed to be dedicated to a lovely gentleman by the name of Mr Mann of Worcestershire:

 Mr Mann

*  *   *   *  *

For those who wish to copy and share it – here it is in straight type:

Mr Mann

I once met a fat man, the kindest man I knew; He was always very happy and - never, ever blue. His eyes they always twinkled in a merry sort of way - And his smile lit a room up on the most depressing day. His temperament was placid, his beauty lay within; His door always open, he'd welcome you right in. Remember when you see him to offer him a wave; Say 'hello,' 'how are you?' you know how to behave. One day you could be like him - born in another life; You may be fat and jolly so don't pierce him with your knife. We all come from the heavens and all end up as dust; All like a good wine that's created from the must. Be wise, tolerant, kind and true to everyone you meet.... For - that fat person some day may be you people pass by in the street! Anon


Ann said...

what a lovely little poem and such a good message. Thanks so much for sharing it.

David Tamayo said...

What goes around truly does come around. I remember a story about a man that had his elderly father in his home. The man's father had been getting more forgetful and loosing control of certain bodily functions more and more regularly. Every day at dinner time the mans father became more and more messy. Even to the point of breaking some of the dishes that were placed in front of him. The man eventually brought his father into the kitchen and only used a wooden bowl to feed him. The mans son asked him why he did this. The man explained that since his grandfather was getting older he could no longer keep from making a mess so to make things easier for them he brought grandpa into the kitchen so that the carpet would not get stained and the wooden bowl would not get broken. Without comment the son left the kitchen and went into the garage. Later the man went into the garage to find his son carving on a piece of wood. He asked his son what he was making. The son replied, "I am just making your bowl Dad."