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Dry hands

This time of year, at least here in the UK, brings on the onset of dry and sometimes sore hands. The backs of hands become at dry as ‘pork scratchings’ or perhaps I should say parchment. It is difficult to understand why hands are so quickly affected this way as it can happen even when the skin is not exposed to outdoor weather conditions. There are thousands of good hand creams that may be purchased to counteract this problem - and for those who have endless time on their hands to keep slathering it on and rubbing it in every time they come into contact with water or before they tackle household chores then that is fine. However, for an easier and more time efficient answer to the problem the solution is to purchase a small tube of Savlon Antiseptic Cream. Just one little bead rubbed into the backs of the hands two or three times each week makes them as soft, smooth and youthful as a baby’s without any of the daily effort of standard hand creams.

Savlon Antiseptic Cream

Note: one of the worst culprits of permanent dry palms – is paper. People who handle paper regularly need to wear gloves for protection as paper draws the moisture out of the pores. A little saying that people would use years ago is: ‘Paper sucks the soul out of the skin.’


Ann said...

My hands get horribly dry in the winter. I'll have to see if they sell that here. I can use all the help I can get.

EastCoastLife said...

I wonder if I can find it in Singapore. I have dry hands too due to the excessive washing and cleaning I have been doing. :P

Shinade said...

Oh at this age everything gets dry, winter or not. I will have to try to locate this too!!

Hi Polly...surprise, I am working my way back but slowly this time, no stress!!

I have missed you bunches!!Tell Windy hello for me. I dropped over yesterday but as usual he had comments off!!:-)))

Grampy said...

Thanks for the advice. I get the hands also. I think us old people may get it more.I am forever putting on hand cream.Also the chapped lips. I carry a chap stick in my pocket at all times.

Scotty's Princess said...

Hi Polly!

It's been great to be back here. This is a bit off topic but I haven't been around for ages. How are you? I've missed you. I hope you are doing good.

Hope to hear from you again soon.

Lots of Love,

Jean said...

This cream sounds amazing. I also will look for this cream. Thanks for the information.

Lady Banana said...

I might give this a go! I have really sore hands already and it's not been cold very long yet!

I bought some Aveeno hand cream and that's quite good ( On special offer at Sainsburys)