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Nudge.. nudge.. nudge.. November

So far it has been an altogether strange month. There have been parts of November that have been warm, almost balmy for the last but one month of the year. Then half-way through the month, we were hit with some ground frost that chilled deep within the bones forcing everyone to turn up the heating a ratchet or two. Suddenly like a seductive seƱorita, we were fanned by another reasonably mild spell. The weekend saw temperatures plunge once again and deliver more carving and cutting frosts.

This morning has brought the first real snowfall to many areas with the promise of more on the way. Higher ground has registered a good six inches and lower areas, especially in the North have as much as two inches under foot, which has fallen onto icy ground.

So far, here in Worcestershire we have escaped the downfall … though the temperature is -1°C.

Snow shovel - png

Snow shovel’s at the ready … have you made yours yet?


Tomas said...

The month was similar in Lithuania too. That enabled me to grasp the meaning of my gratitude list.

Ann said...

we've also experienced a variety of weather here. We have seen a few snowflakes but as of yet none on the ground. We're expecting a bit of a snow storm tomorrow so I guess we better dig that snow shovel out today.

Grampy said...

I guess I better get the shovel out also. We have already had a dusting over here. About four inches in the hilly areas. The weather in New England USA can be very tricky. And this year it has been down right strange.
It is Thanksgiving for us. You of course are one of the things I am being thankful for.
Have a wonderful day.

Noner said...

still days here warm enough that I'm wearing shorts and sweating. That could be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

YummY! Down on This

Shinade said...

No snow here but it has been freezing cold everyday this week.

Jean said...

This has been an unusually warm Fall here in SE,USA. The weather seems to get stranger....everywhere.

Anonymous said...

We had our first snow on Saturday morning and more last night. Still only an inch though :-(


snow is forecast overnight here - and loads of it !!

Shinade said...

Another day lost that was planned to go out for a shoot due to rainy and stormy weather here!

I need a nudge too. My creative juices are sinking swiftly to the bottom of my feet.

EastCoastLife said...

-1°C!? That's terribly cold for my old bones. :)

I would like to experience sinking my feet into 6 inches of snow. :)

Ella said...

I was snowed in yesterday. Only this morning (school was closed) was I able to actually go out. We built a big snowman. Actually it looked like a triangle with a ball.

Kloggers/Polly said...

Well - snow shovels needed today for nearly everyone.
ECL - I know how excited you would be ... most people that have never experienced snow become intoxicated by it. It usually takes quite a few years for this novelty to wear off but once it does then really you would probably find that the best place for the snow is a Christmas card. I say this as I have at times walked miles in it both too and fro to work and back. In Britain the snow has a propensity to drift and so even when it may only be six or seven inches it can be blown more than half-way up the front or back door of your home and if this happens you need to dig your way out. I have only experienced this a few times but this is enough not to want to repeat the experience. As children we would search out untouched snow so that we could leave our foot prints in it. Often when we got back inside both our hands and feet would burn and tingle through being exposed to the cold for a long time.
Ella - I didn't make a snowman but when I went shopping today I got so covered in snowflakes that by the time I got back home - if I had stood still for a little while I think all of the neighbours would have thought that I was a snowman.
What will tomorrow bring, I wonder?