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The longest and oldest worm in the world

The other night I was just taking a few scraps of food down to the bird table so that the dawn chorus would have something for their early morning breakfast when I saw a worm on the path. It appeared to extend to some eighteen inches or possibly more. It had been raining and there were still the odd drop or two coming down but I raced back into the house to grab a camera – any camera – before it slithered away between the slabs. Never had I seen a worm as long as this it must be a great, great, great grandfather worm. It was black outside so I couldn’t see where I was aiming the camera. I just put it onto flash and clicked a few times in the hope of one of the pictures being reasonably visible. All at once the worm began to slither between two of the slabs. I grabbed a torch … the worm, it seemed had attached itself to a piece of grass stem that had turned brown – so rather than a really long, long worm it was in fact an ordinary worm and certainly not the longest and oldest worm in the world.

When I was a little girl my father would often say to me “Never assume that something is as it first appears it is always wise to stop and take a second look!” He certainly proved himself right with this little creature, didn’t he?

The longest and oldest worm in the world

The longest and oldest worm in the world


EastCoastLife said...

18 inches!! That is seriously one long worm!

Anonymous said...

Haha. Priceless.

Ann said...

by that picture it sure looks like a really long worm.

Funky Town Disco Music 70s said...

looks like worms in the film Mad Max ;)

Shinade said...

I hope I never see one...thank you very much...wow that thing is big!!:-)

Bird said...

haha, would have been nice if it was the biggest thoght :P.

Shinade said...

Not where we live Polly. my goodness the little town up the road is practically owned by a very old peanut company.

But, I think they save all of the really fresh ones for other people. Every time we have stopped in their store and bought some, they have been stale.

Now when we lived in New England we could never find plain nuts of any kind.

But, here it is very easy because we are also a peanut growing state and projected to be one of North America's largest natural gas and oil producing states in the very near future.

There are drilling wells going up like mad all over the place!!

What are you doing? Are you up super early or up super late?

It's almost 9pm here and I am headed to bed soon.

Oh I just watched Wurthering Heights, the one with Fiennes as Heathcliff..it was marvelous!

Good night for now. I will email you in the morning. I still need some help with you know what!:-)

Scotty's Princess said...

That's indeed a long one, Polly! How have you been? I hope you are doing great :-) Missed doing my crazy drops. I am no longer with ec :-(

Lots of Love,