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Icicle invasion

After hour upon hour of snowflakes falling and settling with precision on every surface that they could cling to, we awoke today to a landscape of icicles. They had formed in rows creating lumpy bumpy patterns. Longer and longer they kept on growing forming icicle families, grouping themselves like football supporters along anything and everything. The pictures of the icicles have been taken from 20th December with the last one at the very bottom taken on Christmas Day, 25th December. We had cleared off as many of the icicles as we could but within a short space of time new ones began to form. It became so cold that one froze at the moment it was about to drip and the last picture in the line below shows the drip frozen in time – a magical picture!

Icicle 1

Icicle 2

Icicle 3

Icicle family 1

Icicle family 2

Icicle family 3

Icicle family 4

Icicle family 5

Icicle house 1

Icicle house 2

Icicle long 1

Icicle long 2

Icicle long 3

Icicle long 4

Icicle long 5

Icicle night 1

Icicle night 2

Icicle night 3

Icicle in hand 1

Icicle in hand 2

Icicle frozen drop

A frozen drip still attached to a newly formed icicle – picture taken on Christmas Day


Lady Banana said...

Wow!!! These are amazing photos!

Ann said...

Those are some big icicles, I haven't paid much attention but I bet we have a few here as well. That last photo is just awesome.

London Is Cool said...

You have got some pretty big Icicles there. During all the recent snow and coldish weather in London I have yet to come across any icicles apart from those in the Supermarket...

Mizé said...

The ice "sculptures" in the pictures reminded me stalactites I saw in rock caves here in Portugal.

Happy Holidays!


Grampy said...

Amazing photos indeed. I use to have to deal with them also. They are dangerous if not attended to.It seems you break one off and two more take it's place.
Try to stay warm.

Rusty said...

That single frozen drip is a good catch! Though those things are sort of a way of life here thats something I have never seen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the unforgettable pictures of the icicles. Your photography express a magical picture indeed - while viewing, I felt myself as if walking in wonderland.

Venussmileygal said...

I enjoy much this photos specially the last photo. That was amazing! :D

Mer said...

amazing pictures! very cool.