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Man has created a miracle. He has invented a drug that encourages longevity; protects against the onset and recurrence of many cancers, guards and assists against heart disease and stroke; cures aches and pains … in fact we are still finding out the wonders of one of the oldest drugs known to man Aspirin. Used since the dawn of time in its more natural form of willow leaf and bark it was eventually synthesized in the 1800’s. Several forms were tried out until in 1899 it eventually went on sale as the little white tablet that many of us have taken for varieties of complaints and ailments over the years.

Ancient aspirin bottle

It was cast aside by many in the medical world because of its blood thinning properties which in some people led to major bleeds in the stomach, gut and sometimes brain. There are a few new facts that have recently been released regarding Aspirin – firstly, there is now another drug that can be given alongside aspirin that protects the body from bleeding, secondly, only tiny doses of the drug are needed to obtain the long term benefits or protection against cancer and aid against stroke and heart disease, thirdly, taking the drug for just a few years (approximately four) will enable it to carry on its medicinal protection for over twenty years.

Urgent Notice

When taking Aspirin – it is safest taken on a full stomach after main meals with half a tumbler of cold/tepid water.

Always consult your own doctor before self-medicating on a daily basis.

Never use a dose for this purpose that is higher than 75 mg.

This drug costs less than £0.02 per day – in fact, it is just over a penny in purchase cost.


Ann said...

it's hard to know sometimes what is safe and what isn't. One day they will say it is, the next they will say it isn't and then later on they will go back to saying it's safe again.

The Painted Veil said...

Good advice here and so many people don't know to be careful. Walter was taking one full strength a day. After a few weeks he started bruising really easy and a simple cut would bleed like mad!!

Have a great day!

EastCoastLife said...

I try not to take any drugs if I have minor ailments, if possible.

hmmm.... I haven't taken aspirin for a long long time.

Grampy said...

Here in the USA the doctors will tell patients to take an aspirin a day. Usually 81mg and make sure it is coated so as not to bother your stomach.
Hope that helped.You always have such good information here.

Kloggers/Polly said...

Grampy, The problem that they are finding even with the small dose aspirin is that around one person in every thousand to two thousand people that take aspirin will bleed to death. If they take a supplementary drug this is said to reduce the chance of this happening quite significantly.

The strange thing about cancer is it requires a good blood supply to develop and grow. They now believe that there is something within aspirin that either prevents the cancerous cells from dividing and therefore increasing in size or that actually kills off the cancerous cells. Before any further advancement can occur they need to first of all discover which and secondly to try and isolate what part of aspirin is required that prevents the cancer. Perhaps they could even reduce the dose to a much smaller amount still.

In the meantime, at least it is progress and it has found to be extra effective in several specific cancers such as cancer of the bowel.

At least, for a change, it is good news!

The Painted Veil said...

Brrrr...freezing here-how about you and your weather? Have you warmed any?
Hope you're having a great week!


interesting topic - always hard to know what's best !