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Ingrowing toenails

The most common cause of ingrowing toenails is damp feet. With trends of modern shoes being manufactured out of man-made materials, the foot especially around the toe area, often becomes over-heated and damp. When toenails are damp or wet they expand in all directions as they mop up water like a sponge. This causes them to become misshapen and often they dig into the surrounding skin. So if you are prone to ingrowing toenails – keep your feet dry.

    • Wash feet - thoroughly dry them, firstly with a cotton towel then using a hair dryer set to cool, blow them dry to make sure that there is no moisture left anywhere near to the toes.
    • Wear comfortable, loose fitting leather shoes, preferably sandals so that fresh air can get to the feet. Avoid trainers or anything similar.
    • Choose cotton or cotton/wool mixture socks and change them regularly two or three times each day.
    • Make sure that toenails are kept fairly short, straight and neat and always use a good quality nail file rather than scissors or clippers.
    • Finally, if too much damage has been done and the ingrowing toenail does not go back to normal then seek a doctor’s advice on possible surgery. Surgery usually involves a small slither of nail being removed from each side of the toenail completely down to the nail bed. The extra width of nail will never grow back and so this is often the option that many consider if they participate in sports and suffer with the pain of ingrowing toenails.

Toe nails


Jean said...

I didn't know this. I always thought they were caused by not clipping toenails straight across. Interesting info!

Tix-Comix said...

Ugh! Who's foot is in the photo?

Ann said...

I'm with Jean I thought they were from improper clipping also. I've never had a problem with them though. A girl I work with has had surgery a couple of times for them.

Lucky Lady said...

I had mine cut three times from a doctor and it still comes back and it hurts


Very interesting. I hear they really hurt and am lucky to have not had one as of yet!!

Russ said...

Well I have the problem. Keep saying I am going to go to a podiatrist. I do my own toes right now. I use four different instruments to get the job done. I won't go into detail.
Guess I had better make that appointment with the doctor.

Kasai said...

that thing hurts, I clip mine 3 times a month and thanks for sharing those tips.

Ratty said...

Good advice. Anyone like me who does a lot of hiking needs to take extra care of their feet.

Raven said...

Interesting. Thanks for the info, I get ingrown toenails quite often.