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Slim code of life

Many years ago, I knew a lovely young woman. She was independent, happy and very slim. At the time it was very rare to see anyone obese but most women dieted from time-to-time to maintain a reasonable weight. One day we were discussing both weight and diet. She looked at me very profoundly and said:

    • “The difference between you and me is – that I eat to live, whereas you live to eat.”

She explained that she would never have a problem with weight, no matter what age or what circumstance because she never had enjoyment of food. She was neither anorexic nor ill and ate three meals every day but she never thought about food, lusted after food or saw someone eating food and thought that might be nice I wonder what it tastes like? Therefore, she was right – she was slim and she would always be thin!


I have heard this statement many many times since and it surely has a ring of truth in it; those people who eat to maintain life will always be more slender than the rest of the population!


BK said...

There may be general truth to that statement. I believe in moderation. I eat to live but I also live to eat. The former, I basically eat almost anything as long as it is edible and not too exotic and I am not choosy about food. The latter, I enjoy good food but I am not a glutton.

Russ said...

That is true about eating to live. But as you get older your metabolism changes. Women especially seem to gain a lot of weight after 50. I use to drive a city Bus and I can tell you, there were very few slim women.I have noticed the slim women seem to exercise more and etc. Therefore maintaining the weight. This could be grounds for a big debate. Perhaps even a series of blog post.
Well I must run along now.
The chubby old guy.