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The animals come in two-by-two

It is lovely to see animals pairing off and rearing young. The water birds were all paired off on the lake but there are much fewer of them to be seen this year. Whether this is due to the extended Winter season or some other reason I am not sure.

Twos - the animals come in two-by-two Mallard, duck and drake and in the background Mute swans, cob and pen

Canada geese - gander and goose

Canada geese - two-by-two

Canada geese, gander and goose


imelda said...

lovely scene here

Ann said...

I had read on another blog how the geese were coming in fewer numbers this year.

VanillaSeven said...

Lol, I've posted couple of bird too today, what a coincident! :)

Have a blessed weekend to you!