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Human sweat gland, sweat pores

Our skin or dermis is covered with pores these are known as the sweat pores and are positioned at the top of each sweat gland. They help to cool us when we are warm by oozing fluid which moistens the skin and reduces its temperature. The pores are precision perfect set in circles with each pin point producing a tiny amount of sebum.

Human sweat pores

Human sweat pores 2  (1)

Human sweat pores 2  (2)Human sweat pores magnified by 400 x


imelda said...

good t know about this. ty for sharing

Pilosopong Noypi said...

interesting... But it somewhat disgusted me. I don't know why.. Thanks for the info..


Kloggers/Polly said...

I thought it was amazing and so interesting to see that there are eight small spots to each of the pores which are grouped in a circle. It reminds me of creatures from the deep blue sea. The fact that it is in eights and not twos is also unexpected.


how interesting, thank you

al topping said...

Would you share data on how/where you obtained the amazing images of sweat pores?