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Hyacinth pink pomander

Hyacinths make the best natural pomanders for the home. At this time of year three hyacinth bulbs planted in a small tub cost £1.50 to purchase. On a cool windowsill or light corner of a room they will last at least three weeks. During this time their perfume will filter throughout the whole of the house. Once they have finished blooming and begin to die off the bulbs may be planted in spare portions of the garden for flowering the following Spring. The spent bulbs should be re-planted so that the whole of the dry crown is fully covered with soil. Many hyacinths have their crowns exposed in pots designed for indoor flowering but if they are planted this way in the garden then they usually perish. 

Hyacinth close-up1

 Hyacinth close-up2

Hyacinth close-up3 Pink Hyacinth – close-up pictures

Pink Hyacinth Pink Hyacinth – from a distance

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Ann said...

Hyacinths are my favorite spring flower. I love their scent and look forward to their arrival every year.