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A world of healing

In the last few months, I have been surprised to find how many unusual things are available for purchase that offer the promise of better health. Many healing creams currently contain zinc so imagine my surprise at finding that it is possible to buy zinc powder that may be added to your own favourite creams to aid healing. For as little as around £3.00 it is possible to purchase powdered zinc for external use. Added to this a whole array of vitamins are available at very little cost. It is worth doing a little bit of research first but if you are one of the current trend of people who are steering away from chemicals at least there is an opportunity to produce a safe alternative to an old favourite.

Zinc Zinc powder

Look for sites that sell all natural products as these often have additional minerals and vitamins that are also for individual sale.

Additional Note:

I personally decided that it would be a good investment to purchase a small amount of powdered zinc oxide for external use. As a healing cream, especially for wet type eczemas just a small amount, up to 2% may be added to a non-perfumed emulsifier/cream or natural oil such as coconut or shea butter to help to heal the skin. Though about a third is required for protection against the sun as a sort of sun block and this is probably best dissolved in water to that it may be integrated evenly. There are recipes on sites that sell zinc oxide powder for most items that it is used for.

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