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Cheeky trespasser had flattened the cat mint!

I have the softest of dispositions and find empathy with everyone and all creatures. This does lead to unwanted happenings. There is a Tom cat who often frequents our garden. He is the most gentlest of cats and is almost like a dog. Our cat doesn’t know what to make of him but tolerates him with a matriarchal glance every so often.

He sings at the door for some spare supper and our cat looks, her whiskers twitching. Sometimes she is silent and other times she lets out a short motherly hiss. Only once have I seen her spank him on the backside – I am not sure why but the next time he came into the garden she rubbed noses with him.

Today this cheeky young boy has chosen to squash the cat mint. He rolled backwards and forwards and spread his legs and tail all over the mint – he must be the most fragrant cat in the neighbourhood now.

Tom cat in the cat mint 1

Tom cat in the cat mint 2

Tom cat in the cat mint or catnip


Andrei said...

So nice cat!

Kloggers/Polly said...

We have a few cheeky visitors to our garden. It's also amazing how many push open the back door and eat our cat's dinner!

Chadwick said...