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On a hot, hot day there’s nothing quite like a bath

Can’t quite believe it but we are having a heat wave. It has suddenly become very hot and this was not just a shock to us humans but also to my furry friend the cat. She got up strolled a few steps then lay down again and despite her best efforts couldn’t get comfortable so it was decided to give her a gentle bath. She didn’t moan or miaow once .. she just stood whilst the suds enveloped her back, her bib, her tail and legs. Finally her face was washed and then after rinsing off the baby shampoo (I used this just in case any accidentally splashed into her eyes as it is not supposed to sting) the plug was pulled and I hoisted her out with a large fluffy towel.

We sat in the garden whilst I gently rubbed off the water and never have I seen her sit so still. When almost dry she looked up at me as if to say she had had enough of being dried and she began to wriggle about so I placed her on the grass. She proceeded to groom herself and after having her fur brushed she went into the undergrowth in the shade of the border to have a snooze. 

Cat's bath1 Cat's bath2 Cat's bath3 Cat's bath4 Cat's bath5 A lovely clean cat after her bath!

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